Recycling Sprayer 

LIPCO was founded in 1996. Both founders of the company were long-time colleagues at JOCO Company and took over the JOCO TUNNEL spraying sector. Today LIPCO is the leading manufacturer of Recycling Sprayers in the world. No other sprayer can compete with the  LIPCO Tunnel-  and Cross-Flow Fan- Recycling System. 

Axial cross-flow blower in sizes 24”, 28” and 32”. Better spray coverage: less drift and lower pesticide losses thanks to well-distributed air flow, so environmentally-friendly.
• Stable frame construction, hot zinc galvanised
• Adjustable axle
• Supplied with cardan shaft
• GRP tank with integrated flushing tank, switch-over from “spray” to “flush”, even with partially or completely full tank, tank gauge and level indicator, agitator, 2 tank openings with filling sieve, hand wash tank with drain cock
• Filters: Filling sieve, suction filter with automatic shut-off,
quick-clean pressure filter, no tools needed.
• Hot zinc galvanised blower housing
• Energy efficient and low noise thanks to special
aerodynamic blades
• Direct air intake for optimum performance
• Nozzles outside air flow
• 2-stage gear with 0 position
• Single pivoting nozzles with drip-stop and 0 position,
choice of nozzle inserts 

Equipped with hydraulic driven cross flow fans the LIPCO GSG sprayers are a new class in plant protection. The fans are arranged in a way  that suction and pressure are on opposite sides. The recycling system  collects the spray material  what then is filtered and returned in the sprayer tank.  Models for 1, 2, 3 and 4 rows pull behind and 3 Pt hitch mount.  Three row models for Gregoire, Braud or Pellenc grape harvesters. Your savings will be e up to 35 % of plant protection agent when using the recycling sprayer.
The recycling rate begins in spring at a rate of 70 % when there is little foliage.  By the end of the spraying season there is still a recycling rate of 30 %.  Recycling rates of up to 35 % can be reached throughout the season.

No other Recycling sprayer can compete with this.

Air blast sprayers

With the LIPCO-TUNNEL spraying technology drift is turned into valuable spraying agent. The overspray is recycled into the tank by using the recycling technology. The valuable spraying fluid is filtered very finely back into the tank. Models for 1, 2, 3 and 4 rows and  three row models for Gregoire, Braud or Pellenc grape harvesters.

Recycling rates begin in spring at a rate of 70 % when the foliage is low. There is still a recycling rate of 10-15 % by the time of the last spraying and the foliage is fully developed. The annual rate of saving is approx. 30 %.

No other agricultural machine can compete with this.

 LIPCO Recycling Sprayer GSG

 LIPCO Recycling Sprayer TSG

 Wanner Airblast Sprayer 

Air Blast Sprayers  /  Recycling Sprayer 

Hans Wanner GmbH was founded 1910 by Burkhard Wanner in Germany. From the outset, the thinking and action was oriented towards a very specific goal: the greatest possible customer benefit through consistent practical orientation and uncompromising quality. 

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