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Pre Pruners

The ERO pre-pruner, is designed with a set up pendulum  and multiple mounting options to meet the requirement of all vineyards.
Simple and easy to use, with a semi automatic system with manual override on posts or the optional automatic AOS-System the ERO pre pruner provides a rapid work rate, with a quality finish and like all ERO equippment, it is designed for longevity and reliability.

With three different Pre-Pruner models, VS 07 P, VS 98 S and VSL 98 D, and numerous options, the ERO and Binger pre pruners offers you the right choice for every application.  The light series VSL 07 P Pre-Pruner is suitable for small tractors and for use on steep slopes. The VS 98 S can cope with vines with strong growth, whereas the VS 98 D has been optimised for vineyards with extremely dense foliage. A range of frame sizes can be equipped with different numbers of shearing discs or saws to provide different cutting lengths.

Three frame sizes permit nine different cutting lengths between 21 and 105 centimetres. This ensures optimum adaptation of the machine to an existing vineyard.  

Since 1970 ERO offers as the leading manufacturer of vineyard equipment in Germany a wide range of products for the winegrower. Growers all over the world use ERO equipment. In April 2006, ERO-Gerätebau GmbH has acquired Binger Seilzug GmbH. The two companies were merged in 2017 and the product lines of the ERO and BINGER brands will be retained.

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