ORCHARD Mower / Shredder

F.X.S. Sauerburger GmbH is led by its managing directors F.X. Sauerburger sen. and F.X. Sauerburger jun. The company is family-owned for more than 50 years. The in-house construction together with an informed decision-making process, helps with the quick implementation of new construction designs and product maintenance.

  • The SAUERBURGER HGM Shredder enables you to top and shred chopped wood, prunings and crop remains without changing the cutting tools.
  • Quick working with low power, improving fuel economy.
  • Optimal shredding through its opposing cutter bar and rake sive, improving decomposition and humification of the shredded goods. Available with double sided Y flails, wide flails and hammer flails.
  • Drive transfer from gearbox to rotor through heavy duty drive belts. Rotor fitted with heavy duty bearings.
  • Comapct drive transfer housing, smooth outer edges and deflector bars, allowing cutting right up to the plant stem. The deflector bars reduce snagging on the plant stem. Counter sunk bolt heads on the casing also reducing snagging on wires, plants etc.

Sauerburger HGM Shredder

humus-VO-Rotary Mulcher

Maschinenfabrik Bermatingen developed their first mulcher for orchards in 1954. Their name is the guarantee of competence and innovation to adopt the products to the requirements to the needs of  the customers and the market.

  • Mounting: front or rear
  • Large overlap by third rotary blade at VO 3000/3500
  • Three point linkage for Cat. I and II mounting
  • Twin gearbox with drive shift
  • Rear tandem roller for best operating characteristics
  • Front side twist-off wheels, adjustable on track
  • Manual adjustment of working width
  • Accident prevention guards
  • Hydraulic double-acting cylinders for variable working
  • width adjustment
  • Optimal adaptation to the terrain
  • Clean grass cut with uniform mulch deposit or side
  • grass discharge via swing arms are possible
  • Reinforced V-belt drive
  • Stable design, low-maintenance
  • Cutting height adjustment element

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