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Leaf Remover / Leaf-stripper

VITIpulse, the ERO pulsed air defoliator removes leaves using bursts of compressed air. Not only are the outer leaves reached but also those within the foliage wall. The burst of air also removes the flower clusters from the caps. Good air circulation in the grape zone reduces the danger of botrytis bunch rot and other fungal diseases. If the system is used shortly after bloom begins, smaller berries are also removed, and depending on the setting more or less yield reduction is achieved. The remaining berries lie more loosely, develop a harder skin and are generally more healthy and can stay on the vine longer. Due to the thinned out foliage wall, the sun and wind can more quickly dry the grapes after rainfall, which also has a positive effect on the quality of the grape harvested.

ERO - Binger Deleafer- VITIpulse / EB490 Professional 

The Binger  Leaf Remover EB 490 P is the next generation of the world’s most successful leaf remover.

The counter-rotating rollers gently pluck the leaves from the vines, providing effective and efficient leaf removal in all canopy styles. One of the rollers is deeply grooved for improved airflow is also equipped with a patented cleaning comb which prevent build-up on the rollers. The valuable grapes remain unharmed with this technology so the machine can be used at any time from flowering until harvest. The roller mechanism is designed to provide maximum traction on leaf surface which ensures maximum leaf removal is possible, even in wet canopies. The overall construction is robust, providing longevity and reliability.

Since 1970 ERO offers as the leading manufacturer of vineyard equipment in Germany a wide range of products for the winegrower. Growers all over the world use ERO equipment. In April 2006, ERO-Gerätebau GmbH has acquired Binger Seilzug GmbH. The two companies were merged in 2017 and the product lines of the ERO and BINGER brands will be retained.

The new Professional range of ERO Leaf Strippers stands for the highest quality of leaf removal. The proven system, which combines counter- rotating rollers with new blower technology, yields perfect results at high running speeds. 

Based on the successful Binger Seilzug leaf remover system, ERO leaf strippers offer up to four working heads and can be equipped for the needs of vintners and contractors with a small to very large annual area output.

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