Braun LUV Perfekt /Modular

The LUV Perfekt and Modular Undervine weeders are designed to perform all required operations around the vine trunk in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner. With its modular construction, the basic LUV undervine cultivator can be supplemented with the addition of other BRAUN implements. This enables the vineyard owner to cultivate the vineyard in a manner that suits the specific conditions encountered

  • LUV Perfekt front-mounted with single vertical lift
  • LUV Perfekt front-mounted with double-sided precision vertical lifts
  • LUV Perfekt mid-axle mounted with coulter disc
  •  LUV Perfekt rearmounted with Vario ripper/ cultivator 


Undervine Weeders

Braun Maschinenbau GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of machinery for viticulture and special crops. Established by Stefan Braun, Sr., in Burrweiler/Germany the company  designs and makes machinery to order specifically for organic soil cultivation in vineyards and orchards. The rugged and reliable products are sold worldwide.  

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